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Unex Technology Corporation (Unex), founded in Dec. 1997, is a Taiwan V2X platform expertise providing pioneering hardware and software solutions.

Our V2X and Wi-Fi portfolio is with unique module-structured technology. It continuously helps our partners identify the most effective way to deploy state-of-the-art technologies across a wide range of applications at a reasonable cost.

V2Xcast®, a service-oriented software framework, provides the high-leveled flexibility and scalability. These advantages enable V2X on various automotive E/E architectures, and seed innovations for autonomous vehicles.

Supported by leading innovative partners across industries, Unex provides V2X technology in more than 200 AVs, C-ITS deployments, pilot and design-in projects worldwide, maximizing the full potential of V2X innovations.

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Corporate Sustainability


Export Control

Unex was certified by the Bureau of Foreign Trade in Taiwan, in November 2019, as a qualified ICP (Internal Compliance Program) exporter. ICP stipulates the internal measures required, following the export legislation, and serves as an internal procedure to reduce all risks related to export control.

Warranty Policy

Unex Technology Corporation’s products come with a warranty of twelve (12) months starting from the date of shipment. The right of warrant is only applicable for the original customer, including shipment/insurance fee, repairment, components replacement, or total refund if returning the hardware to Unex. Regarding the warranty-needed goods, all conditions need to fit the latest Return Material Authorization (RMA) procedure of Unex.

Product Lifespan Policy

Products reach the end of their lifespan often for several reasons: outdate of used chipset/components, market volatility, technological innovation, and so on. Simply put, a more matured product replaces the existing one over time. Even if the end of product lifespan is expected, we realize that sudden end-of-life (EOL) often leads to issues for the users. Thus, Unex has set out an EOL policy to help our clients manage the transition. Also, we provide help if the change of platforms or technology happens. As a general rule, Unex provides a 6 months’ notice ahead from either EOL date or last order day. However, the shipment is at a maximum of 12 months from the final order day. The information will be delivered directly by our sales via e-mail or phone call.

Privacy Policy

Unex takes full recognition of the importance of protecting personal information. Hence, we take the responsibility to process with precautions and committed to protecting all data during the process.

Environmental Policy

Unex is committed to ensuring our operations comply with the environmental laws and regulations. We conduct solely the practices consistent with the principles of environmental stewardship. With budget-friendly, practicable technology, we continuously improve our performance regarding eco-friendly environment. Furthermore, reducing the impact of products and operations on environment is a crucial value we share with our customers.


work with Unex

At Unex, we believe in the growth of our employees, the connection with our customers, and boundless innovation. These are the key to achieve our company’s goal. With our diamond organization structure, the members work together to co-create innovative breakthroughs. In here, you will be involved in working with leading companies on joint projects worldwide.


Works with the global team to develop automotive grade V2X software on multiple platforms.

Details of Job Functions:
  • Develops the protocol stack to complement current SAE J2735 / IEEE WAVE / ETSI ITS-G5 / C-V2X protocol standards
  • Develops the V2X and C-ITS applications which combined with communication and GNSS
  • Works with System Architect to specify hardware platform requirements and needed vehicle interfaces
  • Works with customers to understand OEM software architecture direction, and influence direction as appropriate
  • Participates in definition of V2X features including estimation of complexity and resource requirements
  • Develops automatic testing tools
  • Bachelor degree in Engineering or technical discipline required.
  • At least 3 year experience developing and debugging software of commercial products or open source projects.
  • Good programming skills in C language.
  • Familiar with at least one version control tool, such as git, SVN or Perforce.
  • Familiar with multi-thread programming, POSIX APIs and TCP/IP.
  • Reads and writes technical documents in English.
  • Strong strategic and analytical skills.
  • Good knowledge and experience on RTOS, Linux or cross-platform tool chain (makefile, linker script, image file format) is highly desirable
  • Working knowledge of communication protocol stack, such as 3GPP series (GSM, WCDMA, LTE), Bluetooth, IEEE 802.11(Wi-Fi) or Zigbee.
  • Familiar with cryptography such as symmetric and asymmetric encryption (AES, ECIES), digital signature (HMAC, ECDSA) or PKI system (CA, X.509).
  • Knowledge of continuous development process.
  • Good at programming resource-constrained (small memory, low power) system.
  • Knowledge of A-SPICE or ISO26262.
Annual Salary Package:
  1. Monthly salary starts from NT$80k~100K per qualification.
  2. Guaranteed 2-month extra salary per year.
  3. Performance-related bonus.

The right person in this role will map the V2X technology, vehicle or intelligent transportation system (ITS) market, deeply understand our prospective partners, and create options for mutual success. You’ll be responsible for the full lifecycle with an emphasis on outcomes of successful partnerships.

What you will be doing:
  • Build relationships with potential partners within V2X domain and identify areas to further collaborate and be strategic along all stages of deal making, ultimately driving potential partnerships from concept to signed deal to great success.
  • Complete 1-3 V2X and V2Xcast® field-deployment or reasonable scale strategic partnerships per year.
  • Align and execute cross-functionally inside of Unex to ensure partner success on V2Xcast platform in vehicle or intelligent transportation system (ITS) market.
  • Accelerate V2X and V2Xcast platform adoption through partnerships and business development work by using your previous business development, partnerships, consulting, and strategy related experience in automotive vehicle or intelligent transportation system (ITS).
What would set you up for success:
  • Strong technical background or learning capabilities with a winning track record of success.
  • Work or consulting experience in automotive-related firm(s).
  • Self-motivation to learn new technologies and applications.
What would set you apart:
  • An execution mindset – understanding the devil lies in the details and always being multiple steps ahead of deal making within our partnership network.
  • A history of successful partnerships, business development, and/or strategy roles within top tier automotive vehicle or intelligent transportation system companies
  • Outside-of-the-box thinker and strategic problem solver who simplifies problems to their core elements and finds creative solutions and actions.
  • Strong pattern of success and upwards mobility.
  • Entrepreneurial desire, with extreme ownership mentality.

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    Zhubei City (竹北市) situates at the county seat of Hsinchu County, which is about 80km away from Taipei. Zhubei has been one of the fast-growing cities because of the proximity to the Hsinchu Science and Technology Park and Biotechnology Park.

    Unex office locates near THSR Hsinchu Station (高鐵新竹站) with approx. 5 minutes walking distance.

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