Be Part of the V2X Evolution

Co-Creation Accelerates V2X Innovations

As V2X technology evolves at a staggering pace, the connected AVs and C-ITS systems have become more complex than ever. Few companies can develop all the necessaries for V2X to meet the ever-changing demands of both automotive E/E and ITS architecture aspects. To overcome the obstacle, radical thinking of transcending the traditional zero-sum competition is crucial. Unex believes that a co-creation-based, ready-to-use V2X and V2Xcast® lead the way to explore the full potential of V2X innovations.

Explore Full-scaled Development to Accelerate V2X Innovation

In addition to the benefits of software structure, with which to cope the staggering V2X & sensor technology changes, V2Xcast® also serves as a valued intermediary marketplace for V2X products and services. Therefore, we can expect a mutually valued outcome in the new era across industries with V2Xcast®.

Go Beyond V2Xcast® Technology

Benefits of Co-Creation on V2Xcast® Platform

Sharing field-proved V2X applications and co-creating with relevant cross-industrial players to increase sales, insights, and shareholder value.

Better understand the market needs and validate deep learnings from cross- industrial applications to increase greater customer satisfaction.

Co-creation helps perception, the more sharing and co-creating, the more referrals and word-of-mouth which lead to more new customer acquisition and repeat business.

Existing V2X applications can be freely and seamlessly portable on V2Xcast® of Unex’s DSRC-V2X and C-V2X devices. The eco-system partners have 100% freedom to define preferred co-creating business model to accelerate V2X innovation.

V2Xcast® is a Linux SDK in modular architecture, it provides both a ready-to-use V2X profile and standard ANSI C API, individual software components can be replaced, and extra sensor/device software blocks can be added per technology development.

    Join the V2Xcast® Co-Creation Ecosystem

    Welcome to showcase your V2X innovations and join Co-creation Ecosystem in discovering
    the unlimited V2X opportunities together, realizing a symbiotic experience with V2Xcast®,
    and forming a mutually beneficial synergy with the help of V2Xcast® Ecosystem.

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