1. How to purchase Unex’s V2X devices for evaluation and developing long-term partnership?

Unex provides series of ready-to-use V2X devices for V2X communication which contain all the essentials of service-oriented V2Xcast® software on the optimized V2X SOM/OBU/RSU devices. Customers can effectively develop applications and services for deployment immediately, no extra V2X stack license fee or royalty.

As the V2X devices accompany embedded V2Xcast® software and software deliverables, execution of “V2Xcast® Software License Agreement” before product delivery is required. The typical operation flow is as following:

On-line inquiry receive not receive No Yes Yes project feasibility quo. & license agreement alternative option P.O. to Unex or Unex issues P.I. 2 nd order onwards payment & delivery co-creation exploring send email: info1@unex.com.tw