8. Can we use proprietary message mixing in the SAE J2735 on SOM/OBU/RSU ?

Basically, no special changes required on SOM/OBU/RSU series, can still use V2Xcast SDK on application host side. Your own proprietary message encoder and decoder could be integrated with V2Xcast SDK easily. The only thing which has to be noticed is to arrange the proprietary messages and standard ones with different PSID.

Some examples:

  • Following scenario of mixing messages is ok (supported by off-the-shelf product),
    • Channel: 172, PSID: 0x20, BSM
    • Channel: 172, PSID: 0x304050, Proprietary_Msg 1
    • Channel: 172, PSID: 0x304052, Proprietary_Msg 3
    • Channel: 182, PSID: 0x304051, Proprietary_Msg 2