4. How to quickly verify whether the SOM-3xx V2X system-on-module is properly integrated on the Linux host platform ?

The following descriptions are applicable for Unex software package only. For verifying the integration of Unex’s V2X system-on-module (SOM-3xx series) with a Linux host system, a user needs to follow the steps below:
  1. Check if the RNDIS driver has already been installed on the host system. If it has not been installed yet, install the RNDIS driver for the host system. The driver installation might include loading
    command or enabling
  2. when compiling the Linux kernel. The detailed instructions of installing the RNDIS driver are not included here because it may vary from one distribution to another.

    user@host:~$ lsmod | grep rndis
  3. Check if the Unex device has been registered as a RNDIS device with a network interface.
  4. user@host:~$ d mesg | grep i C4 unex
  5. Ping the RNDIS device IP of V2X system-on-module (SOM-3xx series) and check if it is alive.
  6. user@host:~$ ping
  7. Open a SSH terminal to V2X system-on-module (SOM-3xx series) and check if it works.
  8. user@host:~$ s sh keygen R ; ssh root@