1. How Unex can help on V2X development and deployment ?

Today, V2X is at a pivotal moment, you need a concrete advantage:

How can you explore and prove your idea and use-case viability with lowest resource investment and quickest time-to-market?

We have seen great amount of successful stories by selecting Unex’s Starter Kit. It is a very effective way to explore V2X technologies and prototype them rapidly using unified V2Xcast®– from PoC through implementation.

With software as the core value, you can develop the exact V2X applications you need directly on the V2Xcast®. Also, you can use the same V2X application software building blocks on a wide selection of V2X technologies and devices with V2Xcast® seamlessly.

In addition, you can utilize Unex’s V2Xcast® ecosystem to accelerate V2X innovations. Unlike closed turnkey solutions, the V2Xcast® ecosystem offers a jump-start and open V2X experience, with the ability to customize and enhance your V2X applications as requirements evolve.