3. What’s the OS in support of V2Xcast® SDK ?

Technically, V2Xcast SDK should work on most of popular industrial platforms. The off-the-shelf package supports X86-32bit, and ARMv7-A with Linux 4.x OS.

To be more specifically,

  • the platform of X86-32bit is defined the same as i386 in Debian system.
  • the platform of ARMv7-A is defined the same as armhf in Debian system. (Major parameters: arch=armv7-a, float-abi=hard, fpu=vfpv3-d16, thumb=Thumb2, EABI=Version5)
  • if the CPU of your platform is 64bit, the application built with V2Xcast SDK should still work with the Multi-Arch support, such as installing libc6 for i386 or armhf.