1. Why Craton2/Pluton2, not Secton2 as other V2X modem module in the market ?

It’s a question of priority per readiness of technologies, autonomous vehicle E/E architecture, gov. regulation, and user’s acceptance.

The typical advantage of V2X sub-system (Unex’s SOM series) and V2X modem is as following:

The typical advantage of V2X sub-system (Unex’s SOM series) and V2X modem

As Unex is centered on V2X innovation and co-creation, to reduce the high system hardware design and V2X protocol stack development time and costs of our partners, Unex decided to adopt Craton2/Pluton2 to provide tested and certified system-on-modules with service-oriented V2Xcast® software that incorporate a V2X communication processor, V2X RF, power management, I/O connectivity, DRAM and Flash memories, as well as standard compliant V2X stack, security, and application example code, so that Unex’s partners can concentrate their own resources on developing their application’s key features and differentiators.

This is especially beneficial when adding dedicated resources in regard to software development as well as V2X sensor fusion application to assist autonomous activity or used in intelligent transportation system. All Unex’s partners can then reduce the risk of development by focusing their work on their own field of expertise and not on complex PCB design issues, V2X stack developing, integrating, and maintaining, as well as facilitate the manufacturing or procurement phases.

Whatever V2X application software implemented on Unex’s V2Xcast® and devices, Unex’s partners can easily migrate the field approved application software and investment on V2Xcast® to any of Unex’s now and future V2X devices using Craton2 or Secton2 or other chipsets per readiness of V2X chipsets and application requirement