1. How does V2Xcast® work ?

V2Xcast® is a highly integrated and user-friendly software development kit used by all Unex product family of SOM, OBU, and RSU, including standard compliant V2X stack, advanced IEEE and ETSI communication security, and sample applications in source code.

V2Xcast® is structured in V2Xcast SDK and V2Xcast Service. V2Xcast SDK can be flexibly used together with V2Xcast Service as one embedded software in standalone V2X OBU and RSU, or installed separately at Linux OS host platform in typical using case of V2X SOM (system-on-module).

V2Xcast SDK is all in user space, C99 and relied on POSIX APIs, so it is highly portable to most of operating system. It communicates and gets services from V2Xcast Service for V2X communication. The Services include V2X transmission and reception, packet encapsulation and decapsulation, message encoding and decoding, security for the packets over the air and certificate management cooperating with V2X PKI system. Just selects the profiles of V2X protocol defined in the local regulation to configure V2Xcast Service, such as channel number, PSID, TX power, … etc., the Services work automatically without any programming, the only thing should do is to configure the services to follow your demand and develop V2X application software in C language.