Solid V2X RSU (Roadside Unit)

Waterproof IP67

-40°C ~ 85°C

A Ready-to-Use RSU for V2X Communication

Complete V2X Roadside Unit, with waterproof IP67, encloses highly integrated V2Xcast® software: including the standard compliant V2X stack, advanced IEEE and ETSI communication security, and sample applications in source code to quickly and easily develop V2X application software.

Traditional operating architectures and physical layouts for V2X RSUs

A. Intersection Installation
B. Non-Intersection Installation

RSU – Roadside Unit

RSCE – Roadside Cabinet Electronics

TSC – Traffic Signal Controller

SCA – Signal Control Application

TMS – Traffic Management System

RSU Connection

RSCE TSC Connection

TMS Network

Back-Office Network

Exploring New Possibilities & Value

V2X system-on-module and service-oriented V2Xcast® software represent a beneficial and innovative supplement to roadside unit.