SOM-301E Information Sheet

DSRC-V2X mPCIe System-On-Module, ITS-G5 stack, V2Xcast®

SOM-301: DSRC-V2X mPCIe System-On-Module, ITS-G5 stack, V2Xcast


Unex’s innovative SOM-301E is designed to meet the rising market demand for easy-to-use ITS-G5 V2X (Vehicle to Everything) units in connected vehicles, intelligent transportation system (ITS), smart cities, smart farming, mining, and to facilitate the development of mass-market solutions. Integrated with automotive-grade multi-core processor, RF, eHSM, RAM, flash, GNSS, ITS-G5 GN, BTP protocol stack and V2Xcast® service, SOM-301E acts as a self-contained V2X System-on-Module that enables V2X ecosystem on various platforms. Featuring V2Xcast® – a highly integrated and modular communication framework, SOM-301E supports rapid scalability on application host without sacrificing quality, making it an ideal V2X module of devices such as On-Board Unit (OBU), Roadside Unit (RSU), Telematics Box (TBox) or Network Access Device (NAD).


  • Pre-integrated software contains ITS-G5, GN, BTP, Security, POTI and facility messages.
  • mPCIe design and V2Xcast® software support easy migration between DSRC and C-V2X (PC5) without any hardware change on the application host.
  • Integrated and modular V2X subsystem allows expandable applications for sensor fusions and AI applications.
  • External Molex connector provides all I/O pins for direct deployment on the existing host.


  • Autotalks® CRATON2 V2X communication processor
  • Autotalks® PLUTON2 V2X RF Transceiver
  • Embedded Hardware Secure Module (eHSM)
  • Telit® SL869-V3 GNSS module (SL869-ADR optional)
Operation System Linux
Form Factor PCI Express Mini Card (Mini PCIe)
Host Interface USB 2.0
Preloaded Firmware ETSI ITS-G5 includes IEEE 802.11p, GeoNetwork, BTP, DCC*, and Security (*. Est. in Q2 ’21)
Development Tool V2Xcast® SDK, including POSIX APIs and ITS-G5 facility layer messages
*. Currently V2Xcast SDK supports X86 32-bit and ARM 32-bit library, others by project based
Hardware Security
  • High speed ECDSA signing (2,500 ECDSA NIST P256 verifications per second)
  • Embedded HSM supports less than 9ms latency on ECDSA NIST P256 signing
  • Tamper detection
ESD design ESD protects all ports in ESD events. (IEC 61000- 4-2 Level 4, Contact ±8kV, Air ±15kV)
  • GNSS positioning supports 1.5m accuracy (CEP50 with SBAS) and 10Hz refresh rate.
  • Telit® SL869-V3 GNSS receiver supports GPS / Glonass / Galileo / QZSS constellations. SBAS like EGNOS (EU), WAAS (US), and MSAS (JP) are also supported.
Data Rate 3, 4.5, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 27Mbps for 10MHz BW signal
Channel Bandwidth 10MHz
Frequency Band 5.850 ~ 5.925 GHz (DSRC)
Operation Power 5V: Imax=2A (during RF transmission, usually less than 2ms), Ityp=0.7A
3.3V: Imax=110mA, Ityp=105mA (preliminary data)
On-board Interface RF interfaces:
  • two MHF I RF connectors (DSRC)
  • one MHF I RF connector (GNSS)
Industrial Standard mini PCIe interfaces:
  • one USB port
  • one UART (console or external GNSS)
  • one 1PPS input
  • one Reset input
  • 3.3V mini PCIe power input
  • 5V power input (proprietary)
Cable interfaces:
  • one UART (console or external GNSS)
  • one 1PPS input
  • one Reset input
  • 5V power input (proprietary)
Antenna +20dBm Class C RF spectrum mask Connectors:
  • DSRC: two MHF I connectors (U.FL compatible)
  • GNSS: one MHF I connector (U.FL compatible)
Operation Temperature Range ambient: -40ºC ~ +85ºC
Storage Temperature Range -45ºC ~ +90ºC
Operating Humidity 10% – 95%, non-condensing
Storage Humidity max. 95%, non-condensing
Dimension 50.95 mm(L) x 36.5 mm(W) x 10.5 mm (H) (preliminary data)
Environment-Friendly Compliance REACH and RoHS


Unex SOM-301E enables ease of V2X software development through its V2Xcast® technology. V2Xcast is a highly integrated and developer friendly software development kit for V2X communication. The solution provides ready-to-use V2X communication services for V2X applications, users can significantly cut time-to-market with less development and testing cost.

It includes two parts – V2Xcast Service and V2Xcast SDK.

V2Xcast SDK

Deploy V2Xcast SDK in your application host, it includes APIs to get the services from V2Xcast Service and the main functions of facility layer (ITS-MSG), such as message encoder and decoder.

V2Xcast Service

V2Xcast Service image resides in SOM-301E, it combines ETSI ITS-G5 protocol stack that includes GeoNetwork, BTP, DCC, Security and POTI. V2X communication protocols will be easily enabled via configuration input without any programming.


A self-contained and highly integrated V2X system-on-module capable of highly secure V2X applications.
SOM-301E System On Module,V2X safety msg, app

Security functions provided by V2Xcast® are designed based on a highly secure HSM (Hardware Security Module).

The highly secure HSM with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification is embedded in SOM-301E.

Cryptographic processor eliminates bottlenecks, maximizes application performance and offload CPU’s computation. To protect your sensitive cryptographic keys in a high-assurance key vault, the design provides leverage a keys-in-hardware solution. With the keys-in-hardware solution, all the cryptographic operations are inside HSM and those keys never leave the HSM.

Input Output Interface

Row Pin Symbol Type Description Status
0 1 WAKE# O Open drain active low signal. This signal is used to wake up the host. NC
0 3 5V P 5V/2A Power Input (originally reserved) Proprietary
0 5 5V P 5V/2A Power Input (originally reserved) Proprietary
0 7 CLKREQ# O Reference clock request signal NC
0 9 GND G
0 11 REFCLK- I PCI Express differential reference clock (100 MHz) NC
0 13 REFCLK+ I PCI Express differential reference clock (100 MHz) NC
0 15 GND G
0 KEY Mechanical Key
0 17 UART_RX I UART receive data input (originally reserved) Proprietary
0 19 UART_TX O UART transmit data output (originally reserved) Proprietary
0 21 GND G
0 23 PERn0 I PCI Express RX – NC
0 25 PERp0 I PCI Express RX + NC
0 27 GND G
0 29 GND G
0 31 PETn0 O PCI Express TX – NC
0 33 PETp0 O PCI Express TX + NC
0 35 GND G
0 37 GND G
0 39 3.3 Vaux P Max 1100mA
0 41 3.3 Vaux P Max 1100mA
0 43 GND G
0 45 5V P 5V/2A Power Input (originally reserved) Proprietary
0 47 5V P 5V/2A Power Input (originally reserved) Proprietary
0 49 1PPS I GNSS 1 pulse per second input (GATEWORKS standard, originally reserved) Proprietary
0 51 TAMPER# I 0=Tampering, 1=Normal operation (PD) Proprietary
1 2 3.3 Vaux P Max 1100mA
1 4 GND G
1 6 1.5 Volt P Max 500mA NC
1 12 UIM_CLK O SIM Card NC
1 16 UIM_VPP O SIM Card NC
1 KEY Mechanical Key
1 18 GND G
1 20 W_DISABLE# I Disable wireless communications (Internally pulled up. Active LOW) NC
1 22 PERST# I Module Reset (Internally pulled up. Active LOW, pulse)
1 24 3.3 Vaux P Max 1100mA
1 26 GND G
1 28 1.5Volt P Max 500mA NC
1 30 SMB CLK I SMBus clock signal compliant to the SMBus 2.0 specification NC
1 32 SMB Data I/O SMBus data signal compliant to the SMBus 2.0 specification NC
1 34 GND G
1 36 USB_D- I/O USB 2.0 differential data (-)
1 38 USB_D+ I/O USB 2.0 differential data (+)
1 40 GND G
1 42 LED_WWAN# O Open drain, active low, max 9mA NC
1 44 LED_WLAN# O Open drain, active low, max 9mA NC
1 46 LED_WPAN# O Open drain, active low, max 9mA NC
1 48 1.5Volt P Max 500mA NC
1 50 GND G
1 52 3.3 Vaux P Max 1100mA

I/O Cable Pin Definition

Function Pin Name Type Level Description
Power 1 5V P 5 5V power
Reset 4 TXD I 3.3 System reset (active LOW)
Min assertion time: 10ms
1PPS 5 1PPS I 3.3 1PPS
Tamper 6 TAMPER# I 3.3 Tamper switch signal (active LOW)
Ground 7 GND G Ground

DIP Switch

Function Position Name Description
Power 1 5V_SW Connect 3.3V to a NMOS gate which controls 5V power.
ON: 5V power from mPCIe
OFF: 5V power from cable5V power
OFF: UART RXD from cable
OFF: UART TXD from cable
Reset 4 EX_RSTn_SW ON: CR2 reset from mPCIe
OFF: CR2 reset from cable
1PPS 5 1PPS_SW ON: 1PPS from mPCIe
OFF: 1PPS from cable
Tamper 6 TAMPER#_SW ON: TAMPER# from mPCIe
OFF: TAMPER# from cable
Trigger Mode 7 TRIGGER_SW ON: Trigger when tamper SW close to GND (1K PU)
OFF: Trigger when tamper SW open from 3V3 (30K PD)
Boot Strapping 8 BOOT_SW ON: Boot from NAND (3K PD)
OFF: Boot from USB0 (Open)

Using Cases

Enable V2X on various platforms – from Low Power Devices to AI Applications

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