Innovative V2X System-on-Module

-40°C ~ 85°C

Goes Beyond The Traditional V2X On-Board Unit & Roadside Unit


  • An off-the-shelf module contains all essentials of V2X and V2Xcast® software.
  • Service-oriented V2Xcast® software contains V2X stack, advanced IEEE & ETSI security, and sample applications, no extra license or royalty required.
  • Standard mPCIe pin works on x86-32bit and ARMv7-A Linux 4.x OS platforms.
  • Physical domain isolation of V2X subsystem ensures reliable and secure operation of the V2X safety system from the host platform.
  • Supports tamper-proof mechanism to detect un-authorized access.
  • Supports the use of external high accurate GNSS.
  • Molex connector of I/O cable pinout supports needed mPCIe pin connection.

Enable V2X Everywhere

The V2X mPCIe module provides the most innovative ways to easily enable V2X on the existing platform in vehicle, C-ITS, and cross-industries.

Complete V2X system in mPCIe embedded with a highly integrated V2Xcast® software which includes the standard compliant V2X stack, advanced IEEE and ETSI communication security, and sample applications in source code. The developer just needs to install the SDK and focus on V2X application software development at host Linux OS platform, no impact or change on the existing host’s software architecture to lower the risk.

Application Requirements

1. Hardware Connection

Application Requirements: Hardware Connection

2. Operation System of host platform

V2Xcast® SDK is implemented in C99, POSIX APIs supports x86-32bit or ARM-32bits with Linux 4.x OS of host platform.

Application Requirements: Operation System of host platform

Future-proof design and service-oriented V2Xcast® software
meet dynamic V2X application challenges in vehicle,
C-ITS, and cross-industries.

V2X System-on-Module Product Family

V2X System-on-Module Product Family

V2X mPCIe System-On-Module, V2Xcast®
ITS-G5 stack, Europe


V2X mPCIe System-On-Module, V2Xcast®
WAVE stack, USA


V2X mPCIe System-On-Module, V2Xcast®
C-V2X stack, USA

Welcome to showcase your V2X innovation and join Co-creation Eco-System to discover the unlimited V2X opportunity; deliver a tremendous experience on V2Xcast®; work together to produce a mutually valuable outcome.

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