A new way to facilitate
V2X communication

V2Xcast®/ Software-Defined Vehicles and C-ITS Systems

It is a challenge to identify the needs for V2X applications, especially those for software-defined vehicles and intelligent traffic systems. However, even with the sensor technologies changing at a staggering pace, our V2Xcast® helps utilize the sensor’s information with the existing system. It also helps the decision-making to ensure the safety and redundancy of upcoming self-driving integrators.

The V2Xcast is an independent module for industrial practice, providing the services needed by disparate units.

  • SPaT/TIM
  • MAP
  • RTCM’s GNSS unit

These are just a few examples while more features await to be explored. The V2Xcast serves not only a one-way communication but actually two-way between all connected units.

Main Functions of V2Xcast®
  • Service-oriented architecture
  • Message encoding and decoding
  • Channel management
  • Packet encapsulation and decapsulation
  • Security/Verify the sign, digital signature
  • Certificate management
  • Position and time
  • Service Management
  • OTA upgrade

With V2Xcast®, All V2X packets sent are fully compliant with the latest SAE, IEEE, and ETSI standards.

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One V2Xcast® for All V2X

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V2Xcast®-ready Platform

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With V2Xcast®, Unex encourages all partners and contributors to discover unlimited V2X opportunities together, achieve symbiotic cooperation, and form a business ecosystem with mutual benefits.

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