The DSRC-V2X and C-V2X
for Connected Vehicles and C-ITS Systems

mPCIe System-On-Module

  • SOM-301E : DSRC-V2X Euro.
  • SOM-301U : DSRC-V2X U.S.
  • SOM-351U : C-V2X U.S.

Enabling V2X on in-vehicle PCs & communication gateways

On-Board Unit

  • OBU-301E : DSRC-V2X Euro.
  • OBU-301U : DSRC-V2X U.S.
  • OBU-351U: C-V2X U.S.

Standalone V2X OBU for connected AVs, trucks, buses

Roadside Unit

  • RSU-301E : DSRC-V2X Euro.
  • RSU-301U : DSRC-V2X U.S.
  • RSU-351U: C-V2X U.S.

outdoor V2X RSU for C-ITS in smart cities

Evaluating V2X Communication & Applications Developement

A Ready-to-Use Starter Kit for V2X

A prepackaged evaluation and development kit contains

  • V2X On-Board Unit
  • V2Xcast® with a standard compliant V2X stack, secured IEEE and ETSI communication.
  • Sample applications in source code
  • An external I/O board
  • Starter Kit offers an easy way to help users start V2X development and deployment right away. It is also an ideal learning resource for beginners to exploring new possibilities with V2Xcast® and Co-Creation.

    No extra V2X stack license or royalty fee is required.

    One V2Xcast® for All V2X

    Evolving V2Xcast® to accelerate innovations and promising investments

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